New Product Annoucement

2-inch 256RGB x 64 Full-Color Organic Light-Emitting Diode Display

Features of Futaba’s Full Color OLED:

  • High brightness, high definition, full color OLED
  • Luminance = 350cd/m2 , 135PPI
  • Good color reproducibility by white organic material + color filter method.
  • High contrast with near perfect black, create a sense of luxury.
  • It’s high brightness and long lifetime is achieved by using the same organic material as automotive OLEDs.
  • An optional touch keys may be added .


Resolution 256RGB x 64
Pixel Pitch 0.188 x 0.186
Active Area 48.103 x 11.880
Panel Size 52.7 x 22.29
Color (color coordinate) 65k Color
Luminance 350 cd/m² without CPL*¹*²

*¹ 30% Light on

*² CPL: Circular Polarizer


Operating Temperature -20 ~ +75 degC
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85 degC
Wide viewing angle Over 160 degree
High speed response ~ 10 μ sec
Operating Life Time Expectancy*¹*² 11,000 hrs (30% Lighting rate, RT)
Storage Life Time Expectancy*¹ 5 years (50% Pixels shrinkage time.)

*¹ Lifetime Expectancy is not guaranteed one but expected lifetime at normal conditions.

*² Luminance to Decrease in Half.

Product Outline

Pixel Detail

Product Configuration Outline

Configuration OEL panel + Driver IC on Glass + FPC
Driver IC LD7226, LDT
Power Supply OEL drive voltage = 16.0 ±0.5V, Logic power voltage(VDD)= 3.0V
Power Consumption About 320mW at 350cd/m2 (Lighting rate = 30%, estimated)
Interface SPI


Proposal of Application

Sub-display for IoT devices, gaming and medical devices.



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Suite A225
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