Are you needing something eye catching that a color display will bring to your product, but not finding the right size you need in your budget in an active-matrix OLED?  Your choice then may then be a passive matrix OLED display.

Even if you don’t find your size in the color passive matrix OLED product offering, you may opt for a custom design to meet your exact need.  The one-time design and set up fee is about 10 times less than paying that 6-figure fee that typically comes with the active matrix OLEDs or even LCD technology.

Many people just don’t know what to expect when the spec cites a display resolution.  They ask will it be fine enough? Will my image look blocky?  In most cases, the resolutions provided for color PM OLEDs are quite satisfactory.  Asking your vendor for an evaluation kit of the closest standard OLED will help determine if your images will produce the image quality that is being sought.

The photo above, is the ELF1102AA, and is a 1.1” display is 160 pixels by 40 pixels representing 150 PPI (pixels per inch). This color passive matrix OLED was introduced this in 2020 and is one of the smallest full color displays in the market for PM OLEDs.  As a small information display, the 65k color will allow for brilliant images to be shown with an operating lifetime of 14,000 hours.