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Futaba's GP9002A01A is a graphic display module using a 12864 Vacuum Flourescent Display.
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comprehensive selection & Service

Futaba Corporation of America was created nearly a quarter of a century ago to provide R/C hobbyists with the finest and most comprehensive selection of radio control products and services possible. Futaba systems and products were quickly accepted and won critical praise from flyers, drivers and R/C hobbyists publications around the country.


technology, performance & reliability

Over the years Futaba's combination of advanced technology, high performance, reliability and excellent service has built a well-deserved reputation as the industry's finest supplier. Innovations like PCM 1024, high tech manufacturing techniques and high output servo design have earned Futaba the R/C industry's leadership position it enjoys today.


The Finest R/C Products

Our success is not solely based on our superior engineering, computing and electronic wizardry. There is another critical element that we feel is just as important, and that is the real world input and guidance from our team of top professionals in the R/C industry. This combination of technology and innovative design, based upon our extensive research and development with our professional consultants, enables us to continue to provide our customers with the finest R/C products and services in the world.

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