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Futaba's GP9002A01A is a graphic display module using a 12864 Vacuum Flourescent Display.
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...please take a look at why Futaba is superior. Then you will know more. We guarantee! By answering 4 questions, you will be on your way to see if we have a Standard VFD part for you. Just click on Standard VFD Search.

Futaba has built it's reputation on it's Custom VFD's without the Custom cost, maybe this is what you are looking for.

Need Specifications? If you need a Standard VFD specification and you have the Part Number, please go to Part Number Search. If you don't have the Part Number please go to Standard VFD Search.

What is a VFD? Click on Features, under VFD General Information, to learn about Bi-planar, Chip in Glass or other types of VFD. Here you will also learn about all the color possibilities that we offer.

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