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Futaba's GP9002A01A is a graphic display module using a 12864 Vacuum Flourescent Display.
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Corporate History
The history of Futaba chronicles the steady growth of a manufacturer of vacuum tubes in Japan to a world-wide corporation that supplies flat panel Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD), field emission display (FED), mold base and die sets, and industrial and hobby radio control systems.

Futaba Denshi was established in 1948 as a manufacturer and seller of receiver vacuum tubes. Utilizing vacuum tube technology, Futaba began manufacturing fluorescent tube displays. In 1962 Futaba began producing radio control equipment as well as press and punching die components, establishing what still remains as two of the company's primary divisions. This was followed by the development of mold base components and digital position readout systems, and the more recent addition of Vacuum Fluorescent Display tube modules to complete the lineup of Futaba's major products. Firmly embracing the principle of manufacturing each component in-house, Futaba creates everything from its own tools to its own manufacturing facilities. The soundness of this strategy is validated by our ever growing list of awards for consistent, high-quality products.

Time Line
1948 Established Futaba in Mobara, Japan for Radio Receiver Vacuum Tube production and sales
1968 Started Electric Discharge display production & sales and enter the display device market
1970 Started Vacuum Fluorescent Display production and sales
1972 Established Akita Elecom and Taiwan Futaba Electronics Corporation
1973 Established Futaba Corporation of America
1979 Established Futaba, Europe
1987 Established Vacuum Fluorescent Display Plant at Chosei, Japan
1992 Established Marketing and Sales center at Makuhari Techno Garden.
Today Futaba Corporation is the world leader in Vacuum Fluorescent Flat Panel Display (VFD) used in automotive and consumer products and Radio Control Systems for both hobby and industrial applications.
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